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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Welcome to Noe Valley’s Neighborhood Association!

Friends of Noe Valley is an organization of people who believe that knowing your neighbors creates community and that creating community is key to having a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Join us and connect to your neighborhood by connecting to its people.

Whether you’ve lived here for generations or are a new resident, joining the Friends of Noe Valley offers several ways to get to know where you live and who you live with. In addition to networking through social media why not join us and network with real faces in real time. We’re all much better looking in real time!

As a member of Friends of Noe Valley we invite you to participate in

  • fundraising for local projects
  • musical and literary events
  • educational and civic forums
  • family events

Volunteer with us on one of our projects or events to see things happen by making things happen. There’s nothing like working with people to get to know what works and what needs work.

By joining Friends of Noe Valley you’ll get to meet your neighbors and learn more about them. Maybe the fellow down the block is a contractor and the lady across the way is a doctor. Maybe there’s a retired math teacher who can tutor your kids for the SAT in exchange for a bit of help with the yard. There’s probably someone nearby who’s been around a long time, who has stories worth hearing and holding.

Connections create constituencies and the Friends of Noe Valley works with other neighborhood associations and institutions to keep Noe Valley a great place to live!

Read ABOUT US to learn more about Friends of Noe Valley.

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