Alvarado 2013 Winners

THANK YOU to all the students from Alvarado Elementary School who entered the Friends of Noe Valley WORD WEEK writing contest. And CONGRATULATIONS to the selected prize winners!

Come celebrate with us and hear these student authors read their stories and accept their prizes on Sunday, March 17th from 3-5pm at the Noe Valley Library.

Helen Keller, A Girl Who Changed the World
Caroline M. Irons

Helen Keller deaf and blind
From a fever that changed her mind
Confused, gloomy and curious is why
Annie Sullivan had come by
For only her teacher had the key

She did what others thought impossible
For she ignored it when others said not possible
she never gave up
she’s a brave little pup
but only her teacher had the key

When one door of happiness closes
another opens
for they are like tokens
but nothing could stand in her way
and Mischievous
was Helen’s day
For only her teacher held the key.

Someone I Used to Know
Nika Steinmetz

I met someone I used to know
She was very different
She had grown out her hair
She was taller, prettier, skinnier
I thought I still knew her
But I didn’t
She probably didn’t know me
I felt like she was in a mask
She had taken it off now
I was glad she did
That person I used to know was me.



Mother Nature
Sydney Gill

Nature, nature earth’s galore, is being destroyed, by us, what more? Some of our ideas have gone too far, that it’s troubling the earth, way down to its core. While we’re taking land, cutting trees, hardly leaving any of earth’s specialties. But we can help now, by planting a tree, donating money to animals as I would prefer too please. Maybe ride your bike or walk to school, and maybe take an electric car if that would do. You can help mother nature, you can help her right now, by doing what I suggested, because you already know how.

Making the World a Better Place
Grace Schwarz and Ella Lloyd

Please make the world a better place
Hey, don’t give me that face!
Don’t litter,
Or you’ll be bitter
Don’t use your time littering
Spend your time recycling!
Every day so neat and clean
Would be a be a better thing
Clean up our world!


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