We are fortunate to have the following individuals, all passionate Noe Valley residents, as members of our Board. Board members participate in committees, represent the neighborhood and help organize annual events.


Todd David, President – My wife and I moved to Noe Valley in 1998 as a childless couple. We now have three children. My two oldest kids attend the local public school, Alvarado and the youngest is about 18 months away from joining his siblings there.  My volunteer work at Alvarado started a love affair with Noe Valley and public service.  I have worked on City parcel tax initiatives and several local elections.  And in my spare time, I am trying to help bring a Town Square to Noe Valley!
Gerda Hurter, Vice-President – It was a bit of a foggy and damp, twilight December afternoon when half way into one of our ‘exploring different neighborhoods’ walks, Pierre, my husband, and I turned right on 24th Street and I was mesmerized. Growing up in Vienna, Austria, dreary, cold, wet, dark  December afternoons are not unusual. What’s neat though is that various neighborhoods have an open air Christmas market aka Christkindl Markt.  Lights everywhere, lit up storefronts, families walking, bright smiles on kids faces full of anticipation and a festive mood in the air. All this swept over me after making that right turn onto 24th.  I had found a piece of my past, a childhood memory it seemed. After this we made it a routine to walk to Noe Valley to enjoy what the neighborhood had to offer. And one day, by chance we saw our house for sale and got lucky. A lot has changed over the last 20 years, but I never have lost that feeling that this is home away from home, that this is a neighborhood where people care and take pride in living. Wanting to contribute and being an active contributor to this neighborhood became more and more important. So when the opportunity arose I did not hesitate to join the board of FoNV and as Vice President I seek to influence and foster this feeling of belonging for all the people who live here and making this a vibrant, divers community.
Peggy Cling,  Treasurer – My husband and I moved to Noe Valley 35 years ago, (before the .com was invented!) and raised our two children here. We are now introducing our grandchildren to the neighborhood we love and all it has to offer. I consider myself very lucky to live in this vibrant neighborhood with its wonderful weather, picturesque streets and houses and friendly neighborhood businesses. Being on the Board of the Friends of Noe Valley enables me to give something back to the neighborhood that has offered me so much!
Adrian Bonifacio, Secretary- I feel very fortunate to live in such a wonderful neighborhood. Noe Valley is where I have grown up ever since my childhood days. I attended St. Philip School and always loved hanging around 24th street after school. I wanted to give back to the community, so I reached out to the Friends of Noe Valley. Photography, web + graphic design, and fixing computers are some of the things I like to do. I am excited to be part of the Board and I look forward in making Noe Valley an even better place to live in. The local flavors are great and so are the people.


Linda Lockyer –I moved to Noe Valley when we bought our home back in 1986 so I have seen the changes over the years.  I have worked in the healthcare industry for over thirty years and have begun dedicating some of my away from work time to other endeavors including becoming a Board member for the Friends of Noe Valley. We live in a wonderful community and I joined our neighborhood organization to work with my peers on ways we could bring new programs to all that reside in the neighborhood.  I am currently focused on the Noe Valley Garden tour as I love the great outdoors and appreciate the beauty a garden adds to our environment.  I am married and my husband is also a Board member.  We have two hound dogs so you may know us as we take our twice daily walks in the neighborhood.

Joel Panzer –My wife Janet and I lived in the Mission and started the Real Management Company at 1234 Castro Street in 1980. We bought our home around the corner from the office in 1983 and after some remodeling moved in, in 1984. We love the ambiance of the community. Noe Valley is a village, a wonderful sweet village. It is a place that exudes energy, warmth and charm. It is alive with all kinds of families and lots and lots of children. It is a fine place to live, work, raise a family and grow old with friends and neighbors that care about each other. My goals for the community are to promote responsible growth but never to hinder progress, to promote clear and open communications between neighbors and businesses. My energy and commitment are dedicated to maintaining, expanding and improving the quality of life that we now enjoy in Noe Valley.

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