Garden Tour THANK YOU!

Where to start!

The 2019 Noe Valley Garden Tour was THE BEST EVER! Yes, the sun was shining, the gardens were popping with color and life, there was art and there was music. It could not have been better! 300+ attendees strolled from garden to garden to admire what the neighborhood had on display.

First off, a great big special thanks goes to the ten generous garden hosts who willingly opened their gardens for us to enjoy on the tour. We know how hard they worked to make sure everything was in tip top shape. Ten colorful flower emojis to them!


    • Alison Lustbader
    • Barbara Brueckner & Michael Shpizner
    • Dale & Patty Fehringer
    • Dana & Michael Immerman
    • Frank & Kathleen Schlier
    • Grame and Irene Merry
    • Lawrence Kulig
    • Lisa Erdos & Barbara Howald – Noe Valley Library
    • Richard Anderson
    • Lisa Erdos & Green Mann – 30th Street Senior Center

For the artists who were on display in the gardens, eleven artist palette emojis all around. Their work enhanced the experience for visitors and made everything much more festive!


    • Jessica Levant
    • John Milestone
    • Michelle Echenique
    • Lawrence Kulig
    • David Auld
    • Debra Reabock
    • Kristine Mays
    • Talavera-Ballón
    • Richard Anderson
    • Julie Cohn
    • Randy Lee Odell

Musical note emojis go to the musicians who were a successful new addition to the Garden Tour this year.


    • Hans Kolbe and friends
    • Dave Johnson, Liberty Street Band

Next, we can’t thank our sponsors enough for their big hearted support of the Noe Valley community. It is so kind and generous of them to donate and help us put the tour together. Many of them are Garden Tour sponsors year after year after year. They are WONDERFUL! We would not be able to do it without them! Sixteen clapping hands emojis for the sponsors!


    • Rachel Swann – The Agency – LEAD SPONSOR
    • David Pennebaker – Compass,
    • Dennis Otto – Compass
    • Dirty Hoe Landscaping
    • Duncan Wheeler-Compass
    • Droubi Team
    • Flora Grubb
    • Flowercraft
    • Noe Valley Merchants and Professionals Association
    • Reid Rankin Real Estate
    • Sloat Garden Centers
    • Stephanie Johnson – Pacific Union – Compass – RAFFLE DONOR
    • Terese Taylor, CMT
    • Umpqua
    • Urban Farmer
    • Zephyr Realty

Lastly, there would be NO Garden Tour without the dedicated, diligent, hardworking and FUN Garden Tour Committee! The Friends of Noe Valley would like to thank them, personally and publicly, for their attention to detail, hard work and for all the little and big ways they pitched in to get the job done. Everyone went above and beyond and was so thoughtful and generous in their gift of time to insure that the Garden Tour was so successful. A HUGE thanks to each of them for their supreme effort! Nine crown emojis for a job well done!


    • Adrian Bonifacio
    • Arete Nicholas
    • Jana King
    • Karin Levenberg
    • Linda Lockyer
    • Lisa Erdos
    • Mary Donovan
    • Michelle Echenique
    • Peggy Cling

Looking forward, if you would like to nominate your garden or the garden of a friend or neighbor, OR if your would like to join the very FUN Garden Tour Committee, OR if you would like to be a volunteer garden greeter in 2020, OR if you want to sponsor, OR if you are an artist or musician – do not pass GO!

Email Linda Lockyer immediately at:


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