Noe Valley Word Week 2019

Word Week 2019 starts Friday, March 8 with a celebration of International Women’s Day and ends Saturday, March 16 with San Francisco Shakespeare. Here’s the list of all nine events. To RSVP or learn more, go to each event page.

Friday, March 8
International Women’s Day
“Thelma and Louise-Back Behind the Wheel”
Would they still have to drive off a cliff?

Remember this iconic road movie directed by Ridley Scott in 1991 about two friends on a heady weekend trip that turns crazy as they become desperados in a high-speed flight from the law? Would Thelma and Louise have more options today? How far have women come 25 years on? Indeed, have things really changed for women? 7pm, Folio Books San Francisco with San Francisco Chronicle film Ruthe Stein, documentary filmmaker Wendy Slick, law professor Susan Rutberg, and moderator Maxine Einhorn. Free admission.

Saturday, March 9 
Noe Valley Authors Festival

The 5th Noe Valley Authors Festival will feature local authors like best-selling novelist Cara Black, award-winning historian and war correspondent Mary Jo McConahay, children’s book author Emma Smith, poets Susan Dambroff and Eveline Kanes, and memoirist & novelist Ramon Sender. Book exhibits and readings run from 3pm to 5pm, Saturday, March 9 at Umpqua Bank Noe Valley, 3938 24th St. Free admission and free refreshments.
To apply for exhibit space, email

Sunday, March 10 
“Classical Mediterranean Poetry”
Greek, Roman, Hebrew, and New Kingdom Egyptian

Local poets and authors read from Classic Mediterranean poetry on Sunday, March 10, 4pm to 5pm at Olive This Olive That, 304 Vicksburg St., just off 24th St. in Noe Valley. Erika Atkinson reads from Roman poetry, Marylee Mcneal from Greek, Wayne Goodman Hebrew, and San Francisco poet laureate Kim Shuck New Kingdom Egyptian. Readings will be in English, with snippets in the original languages. Free admission and free refreshments.

Monday, March 11
“Ridin’, Ropin’, and Writin’ Western Novels”
Odd Mondays at Word Week

The long history of writing novels about the West ranges from Zane Grey to Louis L’Amour to Bill Vlach, David Watts, and Bill Yenne–the three authors reading at “Ridin’, Ropin’, and Writin’ Western Novels,” the Odd Mondays for March 11, 7pm at Folio Books San Francisco, 3957 24th St. in Noe Valley. Free admission and free refreshments. A book signing follows the discussion.

Tuesday, March 12
“Tangled Paths: True Stories from Latin America”
Nonfiction Night

Join us for an evening with local nonfiction authors Mary Jo McConahay and Chris Feliciano Arnold, spanning World War II to the modern Amazon basin, Tuesday, March 12 in the ground floor meeting room of the Noe Valley/Sally Brunn Library, 451 Jersey St., between Castro and Diamond Streets. Moderated by Brandon Brown. Free admission and free wine reception at 6:30pm. The readings and discussion begin at 7pm.

Wednesday, March 13
Small Publishers Night
Manic D, Nomadic, Two Lines, and Why There Are Words presses

At Word Week’s Small Publishers Night, we feature four of the best Bay Area small presses: Manic D Press, Nomadic Press, Two Lines Press, and Why There Are Words Press. Join us at 7pm, Wednesday, March 13, at Umpqua Bank Noe Valley, 3938 24th St., for an exhibition of books from these excellent publishers and readings by a few of their authors. Free admission and free refreshments provided by Umpqua Bank Noe Valley.

Thursday, March 14
“Cara Black Takes Us to Paris”
Tour the 13th Arrondisement with the best-selling mystery author 

Cara Black has set her novels in 18 of the 20 Paris arrondisements, or, en anglais, districts. Her latest book, Murder on the Left Bank, takes place in the 13th Arrondisement, which, as Cara tells it, is not all Left Bank coffee houses and famous bookstores. On Thursday, March 14, Cara takes us on a tour of the 13th in words and photos. The 60-minute tour starts at 7pm at La Boulangerie, 3898 24th St. Admission to the reading is free, but La Boulangerie de San Francisco is staying open late for us, so come early and buy yourself une café and a dessert before we fasten our seatbelts and we’re off to Paris!

Friday, March 15
Word For Word Reads “The Widow Dreams”

Members of the Charter Group of Word for Word, a program of Z Space will present a reading of “The Widow Dreams,” a narrative of transformation, at 7pm on Friday, March 15 at Folio Books San Francisco, 3957 24th St. in Noe Valley. In women’s voices, the piece chronicles the author’s journey through loss, grief, and anger, to the restoration of wholeness, creativity, and new life. The dreams will be read by Sheila Balter and Jeri Lynn Cohen, along with the author, Nancy Selby. Admission is free.

Saturday, March 16
San Francisco Shakespeare
“Did Shakespeare Really Write That?”

William Shakespeare used 31,000 different words, and some had hidden meanings. He also invented over 30 new words now in our vocabulary. Join Word Week 2019 as the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival players act out 400 of his most famous words for us Saturday, March 16 from 1:30pm-2:30pm in the ground floor community room of the Noe Valley/Sally Brunn Library, 451 Jersey St. Adults and children are welcome. Free admission.


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