Alvarado 2012 Winners

THANK YOU to all the students from Alvarado Elementary School who entered the Friends of Noe Valley WORD WEEK writing contest. And CONGRATULATIONS to the selected prize winners!

Graciela Santibañez

Me gusto cuando toque la gainas y cuando le di de comer a los chibos.

My First Time in Yosemite
by Bina Herron-Geller

I went to Yosemite during winter vacation. There was ice but there was no snow! I was disappointed there was no snow, because it was cold and black and it seemed like it would snow but it did not. There was ice on the ground and it was crunchy. It looked like crystals. We found a frozen pond and my whole family went sliding on it. It was fun!

We were driving back to San Francisco in our red car and we saw some tent cabins. We stopped and they had a tent for us. We stayed there for two interesting nights! We hiked a little bit. I had my own bed. I liked it there.

Then we kept going. It was really cold! We went back to San Francisco for New Year’s Eve. I was sad when we left Yosemite but I was really happy because it was too cold. I could not wait to go back to San Francisco and my own home.

When we got home, I was very sleepy. So I could not stay up until midnight but I stayed up until 11 o’clock! I was so happy that we were back to San Francisco and I was happy because I do not live in the Artic.

Have you ever caught a fish?
by Sydney Gill

Have you ever caught a fish so big and round like a dish with little spikes on every side, teeth so hot like a boiling pot, eyes big and blue with a little red on the side, 15 inches off the ground, all fins like huge pills in the ground, gills so big and wide it could catch a spiny pine, have you ever caught a fish…

by Cielo Jacuzzi

by Ariel Anderson

Yellow as the sun
As the color of lemonade
And the lemons that make it,
It can also make orange,
With the setting sun
Silent heat and light
My favorite color
Giving us heat and energy
From the hot yellow sun
It keeps us alive
Throughout millennia and millennia
All the way to the era of
The dinosaurs
Yellow is the base of gold and amber
Like the golden apples
From the garden of the Muses
With its enemy purple on a
Dragon with a hundred
Heads, growling
The purple haunts
The yellow still
Although yellow is sometimes
On snakes
The purple still haunts the sun
And lemonade,
And the lemons that make it
Yellow can hide in the sand,
In all the yellow grains of the sand
Scattered into a million pieces
It can taste sour or sweet,
But frankly, without yellow
There’d be no sun

by Joseph M. Patiño

In a supermarket, it’s so sweet and neat
The colors are every color in the rainbow
Sometimes hard, smooth, cold, sticky, soft
It cracks when you bite it
The smell is like sour, sweet or both, but it reminds me to share and care.


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